The corona virus situation in Ethiopia is – just like everywhere else – far from over.

In the EEF hostel’s immediate neighbourhood the situation feels reasonably safe with most people adhering to social distancing rules.

Since March we have been self-isolating (very successfully) at the EEF hostel. However, this month schools will re-open and this means 2,000 children coming back to School of Tomorrow from all parts of Addis Ababa, cramped into buses and mini taxis.

Like parents everywhere else in the world, we are concerned about our students' health and we will do everything we can to protect them.

This means further ramping up hygiene and protection for the individual students on their way to and whilst being at school.

We’re therefore raising funds to purchase material for masks (because thanks to our lovely volunteer Claire we know how to make them 😊, hand sanitiser and small sanitizer bottles for each student.

Please help by making a donation towards the cost if you can!

Thank you !