To be at the Ethiopian Education Foundation hostel was one of the most exciting times of my life. Everything was so new and different compared to Germany.

The students, the heart of the whole EEF organization, are so thankful for everything - that they have the possibility to study in a very good school, that they can stay in a nice hostel together with all the other students as a big family and that they have enough time for homework and learning.

They get food, every day freshly cooked from two very nice women cooks. Some hens and Jacky the dog belong to the family, too. And last but not least there are the hostel managers, who are responsible that the community is working, which is sometimes not easy with more than 50 kids. Great job Alice and Giulio!

I was very often with the kids in the garden, which is a lovely place to sit and talk, to play football, to wash clothes or to do gardening. The kids showed and told me a lot about their country, culture and their lives, which was in most of the cases not easy and made me often laugh and cry.

I showed them how Sudoku works, helped them with their homework or gave them swing pool massages.

I am also sponsoring two eef students. One of them is now a fully qualified medical doctor! I love being part of this family and the time went by too fast. This really is a life-changing programme and it has now also directly affected my life too. I am already looking forward to going back for another visit.

Carola Dünisch