My time with the Ethiopian Education Foundation has been a life-changing experience that words can barely begin to explain. The staff at Iko Poran and EEF worked diligently to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible.

The students of EEF are the most amazing part, all with golden hearts. They made me feel welcomed and part of a community from the first day. These are the bravest, kindest, most-compassionate and strongest children that I have ever met. I am blessed to been given the chance to care for these amazing students.

They are rich in diverse personalities and have brought me countless moments of joy, laughter and tears. Anyone would be lucky to meet them. Their curiosity about the world led to many conversations, sharing photos and stories of each other's life.

The program's small size makes it effective and easy to see the real impact that it makes on the student's lives. The most enjoyable aspect of the project is the flexibility within the program to work and interact with the students that best fit my teaching style. I worked with students on their English-speaking skills, reading books and magazines in a one to one setting.

The opportunity to learn and be immersed within Ethiopian culture was to a greater depth than I expected. The students were happy to take me around to markets, churches and share their culture and country with me.

I am truly lucky to have been part of the EEF family and my experiences there have created life-long memories that I continue to share with friends and family.

Danyeh Gutema EEF volunteer