EEF friend Moira has visited us regularly since she found our website in 2017. Every time she comes to Addis, she contributes something very kind and impactful to our organisation. This week, during Moira’s annual Christmas visit, we were blown away when she arrived with a brand new sewing machine, all the way from Australia!!!

She also donated sewing scissors and practice material for our students. We are so hugely grateful.

One of our students, Biruk (15), in particular will be thrilled. He has a passion for clothes design and – despite achieving grades strong enough to study medicine - looks likely to pursue a career in fashion. He has already come up with the most amazing designs (see below) and, earlier this year, we were able to get him a summer scholarship sewing course at Arakele Fashion Design College.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Moira, for your kindness and your amazing gift.

Biruk Daniel designs

Biruk Daniel at Arakele Fashion Design College