"It was a unique experience interacting with students from such different settings to where we are from. This part of the trip (around the world) we are sure will be the most memorable as we felt that we have been able to contribute something”


“It was different to what I expected – I thought, being Africa, the education level will be lower – but actually its definitely higher than Australia. The G9 science syllabus is what we are learning in G10 in Australia!  And Rishan who is in G10 (the same grade as me) taught me some maths logarithms! Students were also really good at explaining concepts in tutoring sessions – not just parroting things back – they were really trying to understand the topics. In our school back home we sometimes just learn to parrot!”


“We were really impressed with the kids being so responsible for household chores & tasks around the hostel – in our boarding house in Australia, students never do their laundry nor tidy up – they just mess around all the time!”


“EEF is so much better than our boarding school! There is a good balance between discipline & fun; as well as academic, spiritual and emotional education. Our boarding master used to say 2 things that we want to share with EEF students -

  1. “Don’t count the days, make the days count”
  2. “A busy boarder is a happy boarder” - we want students to keep playing, studying and leading a busy life as we think this will help them enjoy the present moment and their great circumstances, rather than dwelling on the past and more difficult times in their lives”.

 Yun, Geun, and Sangweon, November 2019