EEF student shines at Earth University in Costa Rica

This quarter, Adonias is working on a course called “Management of Special Information in Agriculture". Using drones, they identify nutrition deficiency in crop production. Read more

What to do with a month off school during the corona crisis ….

Schools are closed in Addis Ababa now and we’re trying to keep our energy levels up during this difficult time. Read more

Corona virus update

Covid-19 is also starting to take a grip on life in Ethiopia. As of today there have “only” been 12 reported cases but things could obviously get much worse over the coming weeks. Read more


This is EEF's latest press release, announcing the official launch of our new Gambella programme Read more

Chuol Ruei Deng - from refugee camp to NYU scholar !!

Amazing news, Chuol Ruei Deng – the young man with the big heart and the massive smile has just been awarded a full four-year scholarship at New York University Abu Dhabi, valued at $300,000 Read more

Preparing for Earth University

Last week, recent graduate and EEF alumni Lidia gave a fantastic presentation about life at Earth University in Costa Rica.. Read more

Bye Bye Giulio

Today we say farewell to Giulio Panella. Read more

Chuol's candidate weekend at NYU Abu Dhabi

This weekend it is the amazing Chuol’s turn to show how amazing he is. Read more

New Boys Hostel Manager Simone D'Alo

This week, our new Boys Hostel Manager Simone landed in Addis. He joins us from Italy, after having worked in Honduras for a fantastic education charity. Read more

Regional NYUAD seminar in partnership with EEF on Culture, Context and Psychology

EEF are delighted to have be involved in a regional seminar run by NYU Abu Dhabi, with Niobe Way, Professor of Developmental Psychology at New York University. Read more

Melkam Genna - Merry Christmas

We are shamelessly extending the Christmas season this year as it is finally also time in Ethiopia to wish all our friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas! Read more

Thank you Moira!

This week we were blown away when our friend and supporter Moira arrived with a brand new sewing machine, all the way from Australia. Read more

Happy New Year 2020

The last twelve months have been amazing for us. We have continued to achieve fantastic results and our students are thriving in high school at the hostel, at university in Ethiopia and abroad, as well as in their post-education lives. Read more