Scholarships in Addis Ababa include full boarding at our student hostel. The facilities of these houses such as computer room with internet access, library and recreational as well educational facilities, 1-2-1 mentoring and group seminars can be used and attended by all eef scholars.

The hostel really is the backbone to our organisation, a place where the students can study together and where they can live in peace and harmony. Currently 50 high school students and 3 master’s students live here.

As you can imagine a large place like this requires constant maintenance and repair works. From plumbing and electricity issues, to broken kitchen equipment, we spend a massive amount each year to keep the place running in good order. On average, repairs and upgrades cost us in the region of £8,000 each year and we rely on small donations to cover this cost.

Please make a donation if you would like to contribute to keep the wonderful home of our students running.