Covid-19 is also starting to take a grip on life in Ethiopia. As of today there have “only” been 12 reported cases but things could obviously get much worse over the coming weeks.

We have been preparing by buying extra soap and cleaning materials as well as large amounts of dry food.

Thanks to our wonderful hostel managers we have emergency plans in place, should we need to convert parts of our hostel into isolation areas.

Over the last couple of weeks, we were visited by a lovely volunteer, Claire. Amazingly resourceful, Claire hand-made fantastic face masks for our students from old school uniforms and elastic bands.

Assistant Hostel Manager Takele, who holds a BSc in Public Health and who has been trained in pandemic emergencies, gave a fantastic presentation to our students and kitchen staff.

Our thoughts are with all our supporters and their families during these difficult times.

Please spare a few thoughts for us too over the coming weeks as we brace ourselves for what’s still to come.