When we met Adonias in 2013 he was not in a great place. Orphaned and all alone, he was working on a farm after school just to have a roof over his head and food to eat.

He was selected for our scholarship programme, moved into the EEF hostel and became a much loved member of our family. He graduated from high school in 2017 and received a fantastic scholarship at Earth University in Costa Rica, fully funded by the Mastercard Foundation.

He is now in his second year studying agricultural science and, this quarter, Adonias is working on a course called “Management of Special Information in Agriculture". Using drones, they identify nutrition deficiency in crop production. The drones not only help with data acquisition but also its analysis.  Through this, they can identify the topography and slope of the farm and also implement precision agriculture, a novel system.

We are so proud to have given Adonias the basis he needed to create a wonderful, sustainable future for himself. And equally important to us, he will be able to play his part to make Ethiopia more prosperous.  

Please help us to make a difference and enable more youngsters like Adonias to have a bright and sustainable future.  Without your help, we cannot do it. Sponsor a student today for the cost of only £1.11 per day!