Asresach is one of the most remarkable and inspiring young women we have ever come across.

She has never met her parents and ever since she was adopted at a young age of 6 (by an old woman and her three middle aged sons) she led a life that resembled more that of a servant rather than a child. She was their cleaner, cook and general housemaid. They allowed her to go to day school at first, but from the age of 12 she was only permitted to go at night, so as to not interfere with her work commitments in the house.

Her primary school teacher nominated her for an EEF scholarship. It was an easy choice for him as she was not just extremely needy but also charming, switched on, and she scored an average of 97%

Asri sat the EEF exam, wrote an application, passed the EEF assessment center, moved into the EEF hostel and never looked back, constantly scoring over 95% average, even at School Of Tomorrow, where competition is tough.

She took on leadership roles amongst her peers and throughout her years at EEF reminded us constantly why she deserved a place at EEF and why she was destined for more.

During her childhood she had no family and no friends. Now she is extremely well-loved by our managers and volunteers, her peers, teachers, by our whole EEF family.Asresach NYUAD result

Last weekend she was invited to Abu Dhabi for an assessment centre at New York University. She clearly shined even there, because she was just awarded a place for a degree starting in September 2020 on a FULL scholarship valued at $300,000 (including fees, campus, flights, international semesters, etc)

We have been proud of Asri from the moment she joined us but now we are also confident that her future will take a direction that she truly deserves.

We will continue to hear great things from Asri in the future and she will always be a member of our wonderful EEF family.

We are, of course, very proud of all our students. And we are very thankful to the sponsors who make it happen. Without their financial support we would not be able to help anyone.

If you can help, perhaps by sponsoring a student or by making a donation, please do not hesitate to do so.