It’s an amazing feeling when you can experience an incredible success story first-hand.

Back in 2007 we came across Berihun. He was living in a 2mx1m makeshift corrugated iron hut in Addis Ababa all alone, in terrible conditions, without electricity and without any running water. The year before, aged 12, he had left his family behind in the countryside in order to continue his education. Berihun earned a few pennies from shoe shining and he gave extra tuition classes so that he could buy food and school books for himself.

We selected him for the EEF scholarship and he moved into our hostel. He graduated from high school in 2011 with fantastic grades and decided to study engineering at university. After 2 years he also applied for a job at Ethiopian Airlines. They clearly recognized his talents and hired him as an airline technician, allowing him to continue his engineering degree whilst working in their aircraft lab facilities. After graduating with an engineering degree and his Ethiopian Airlines diploma, Berihun also finished a long-distance MBA.

We always knew that he had HUGE potential.

This week Achim Kram, co-founder of EEF, had a wonderful surprise when, during a flight from Dubai to Addis Ababa (mid-air), Berihun stood in front of him and said “hello, do you remember me?”

Berihun was the lead technician on the flight that day and proudly presented his place of work - the cockpit - after the plane had safely landed in Addis Ababa.

It was another super proud and unforgettable moment for EEF.

Berihun’s background is similar to those of many young boys and girls in Ethiopia and without EEF, Berihun would not have even made it into high school, let alone university. He is just one of many examples that prove how we are able to change lives for the better with the help of committed sponsors and generous donors.

Please consider sponsoring a student right now or making a donation, any amount large or small will make a difference.

Without your help we cannot support these wonderful and talented people.

Thank you!